Literature and Thinking

I love to read. I never have enough time to read all that I want to read. I am also not a “sitter.” I don’t sit easily and to read one must sit or lay or lounge. Well, maybe there are some people who can read standing up or in other positions. I can not. I would like to start writing about what I read and have read and forward brief comments about the books or stories. I hope others will share what they read or have read and what they have learned from their reading and write brief comments about it.

My current personal taste in reading is mainly historical fiction. I tend to love the big epic stories that revolve around significant historical events over multiple generations. I love to read multicultural tomes that are often historical. I tend to enjoy Hispanic and Latino literature. It may be because of my very early connection to Cuban Americans or it may be something deeper that I am not yet aware of. I love southern literature. The American south presents a wealth of outstanding writers. I am enamored by their use of language and their moving descriptions of the south; complex, entangled, sweeping descriptions of its beauty and its darkness. And, oh, their use of language, magnificent!

I previously taught English Language Arts so I have read many of the American and British classics. Maybe I should read them again or some of them. There is so much to read in this life so please join me on my journey and share what you read. I read adult literature, but not X rated so I am not interested in those titles. I mentioned before in one of my other blogs: keep it clean and valuable!

Recently read: This modern historical novel is both brutal and magnificent in its content. I did not know how the author was going to tie it all together in the end, but she did it exquisitely. She wrote this book when she was 26 years old!


3 thoughts on “Literature and Thinking

  1. Historical fiction has become one of my favorite genres. I just read Kristin Hannah’s “The Nightingale.” It is great! It is set in France during World War II. I learned so much from the book. I’ve read some interviews with the author and she did a lot of research to make sure her novel was accurate. I think you would like it. I am now reading “Cataloochee” by Wayne Caldwell. He lives in Asheville. The novel is about two families living in western North Carolina from the 1800’s. I’ve read about 1/3 of it. I will let you know what I think once I finish it. So far, it’s okay…

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    1. By the way, I found “Cataloochee” at the Goodwill Store and it is an autographed copy! It was actually autographed “For Larry.” I don’t know who Larry was, but I am enjoying the book. (My new favorite pastime is shopping in “thrift” stores. I have found lots of treasures for not much money!)

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